Lookhu is now in preproduction of a new Romantic Comedy called “Match Day”

There is no perfect formula for love, and Justin Cook, a budding music executive

explores this quandary, as he struggles with chasing the love of his life, a beautiful young

med student, and his dream. This coming of age story explores the romance of a man…

and his career.

The fusion of music into mainstream entertainment has proven to be a successful

alliance. With the success of Glee, Smash, and other music themed shows and their

silver screen counterparts, film and television’s exploration of the arena of music has

become overwhelmingly popular. Match Day aims to delve further into the music

business, as we explore the acclaimed romantic comedy genre on the landscape of

music and medicine, providing a realistic glance at falling in and out of love set to an

incredible soundtrack

Justin Cook has never really cared enough to go out searching for love. Intent on becoming an NFL

superstar one day, he has programmed his mind to the notion, that life and love can start once he

accomplishes his goals. However, neither life nor love wait for perfect timing, and the superstar athlete

finds himself lovestruck by Morgan Sayers, a young premed student, who takes on the task of tutoring the

superstar athlete. Morgan has always been the wallflower with her nose in the books, so boys never were

apart of her equation. However, during their tutoring sessions, Morgan realizes that she is as susceptible

to love as anyone, and just as she falls for Justin, she finds him exploring the warm mouth of a busty

blonde using a prized appendage. Morgan transfers schools and Justin suffers an injury that ends his NFL

dreams. Years go by, and by chance the two meet again while out with friends watching a football game.

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