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The Live Multichannel Experience!

We have successfully raised over 1.3 million dollars in funding from institutional investors to build out our one-of-a-kind streaming platform. We are now streaming in 190 countries around the world on all major devices including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Sony, LG, Hisense, TCL, Philips, and Web. CLICK HERE to See the Lookhu Investor Deck

We have generated over $700,000 in revenue in 2023 alone and are getting more than 500,000 impressions per month. We have thousands of movies, TV series and live events in our database contributed by over 10,000 creators.  

Through Lookhu Inc. model and AI technology, we believe this is achievable. We are currently seeking to raise $60,000,000 dollars to disrupt film & TV distribution worldwide.

The Mission

Empower creators to control their content, data, and fan experience while:

● Allowing Fans to Get Cool Perks

● Helping creators increase revenue

● Utilizing AI tech to scale content

Lookhu is a new way for content creators to get better compensation. With Lookhu, creators get up to 80% on Subscriptions, Tips, Ads, PPV events and Merch revenue.

Creators get direct access to their fans and earnings generated from Amazon Fire, Google TV, Sony, LG & More. 

With Lookhu, fans can engage with creators and get perks, rewards and royalties on content they love and support.

Lookhu essentially helps creators avoid the cost and hassle of building and maintaining web, mobile and CTV apps. 

Doing a live PPV globally just got easy.

Lookhu has a la carte premium & influencer channels available for free, subscriptions & PPV

The Platform

Lookhu is the first OTT (over the top) premium streaming service with the creators economy business model where fans can get cool perks and view 1,000s of titles on web, mobile & TV. Look Who we know. Click Here to see our relationships

● Film & TV Creators Get Paid Instantly

● Fans Talk Directly To TV & Film Talent

● Creators & Brands Offer Cool Perks to Fans

Lookhu is streaming in 190 countries around the world and can be downloaded on all major devices.

The Business Model

Lookhu utilizes a freemium content strategy to gain users and maximize revenue. Watch for free, upgrade or cancel anytime.

The free tier attracts a large user base, which is a valuable asset for marketing, data collection, and potential upselling to premium services. Users can try out the basic features of Lookhu without any financial commitment, making it easier to acquire new customers

The users who fins value in the free tier may be more inclined to upgrade to the premium tier to access additional benefits, exclusive content from creators and perks. The monthly subscription model of Lookhu generates a recurring source of revenue for the platform. 

Lookhu makes the premium tier enticing by offering features like ad-free streaming, exclusive content, and other incentives like perks and ability for fans to connect directly with the creators. 

The Technology

Lookhu has developed and licensed cutting edge AI tools to help empower creators to complete projects faster, reach more fans and monetize their works in new and innovative ways.

Staffwriter.AI, the AI LLM owned by Lookhu, is tailored made for long form content creators who produce movies, TV series and docs. This innovative tool offers creators valuable assistance in generating and refining their content, streamlining the content creation process, and enhancing the overall quality of their productions. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Staffwriter.AI empowers content creators to craft compelling and engaging narratives, making it an invaluable resource for those in the entertainment industry looking to optimize their storytelling and content development efforts. 

More movies, series and niche channels for free! The future of TV gives the consumer the option of watching quality content for free with the option to upgrade at any time with no long term commitments or contracts. 

Presenters.AI takes movie making to the next level by bringing characters to life in seconds. Presenters.AI, owned by Lookhu, launches in Q4.

BrandTraq enables creators to identify and track brands in their content for editing, value quantification, and product placement monetization. Brandtraq.com, owned by Lookhu is launching in Q1, 2024. 


The Talent

Lookhu has worked with Influencers, Athletes, Comedians, Musicians, and Actors. Our Network of Talent Has Well Over 1 Billion Social Media Followers to Drive Users to Lookhu.

The Content

Lookhu offers 3 different types of content on its OTT platform: 


  • Movies
  • TV Series
  • Podcast
  • Curated Channels

AVOD 60/40% Split
SVOD .20 P/H Split
TVOD 80/20% Split


  • Movies
  • TV Series
  • Podcast
  • PPV Events
  • Influencers Channels

AVOD 60/40% Split
SVOD 70/30% Split
TVOD 70/30% Split


  • Movies
  • TV Series
  • Channels
  • PPV Events

AVOD 100% Split
SVOD 100% Split
TVOD 100% Split

The Perks

Lookhu has secured several use cases for its content with perks business model in Music, TV Series & Films where fans get exclusive perks, merch and VIP experiences only available with us.

VIP Access:
Influencer like Uldouz, who reach over 5 million fans, can offer paid subscriptions, paid DMs, and PPV events on mobile, web and TV.

Exclusive Content:
Celebrities like LaTocha, from the hit group Xscape, can offer her fans exclusive content not found anywhere else.

Lookhu, through its wholly owned site PeekPerk.com, offers over 10,000 products related to content & creators.

The Numbers

● 179 Countries

● 1,000 + Shorts

● 2,000 + Series

● 8,000 + Movies

● 25,000 + Creators

● 250,000 + Users

● 100,000,000 + fans

● Over $100k in monthly rev*

● Unlimited PPV Events

● Unlimited Advertisers

The Market


    • Film & TV creators lack fair compensation and want platforms that pay more.
    • Creators lack access and control over their funds and fan data especially for premium content.
    • Fans can’t engage with or get rewarded for supporting and or investing in creators.


    • Content creators get up to 80% on Subscriptions, Tips, Ads, PPV events and Merch revenue.
    • Creators get direct access to their fans and earnings on Amazon Fire, Google TV, Sony, LG & more.
    • Fans can engage with creators and get perks, rewards and royalties on content they support.

The video streaming industry reached $72.2 billion in 2021, with most of the revenue coming from the United States. It is projected to reach $115 billion by 2026.

Do you want to invest?

Lookhu has multiple levels of investment opportunities available:

Investment Inquiries


Lookhu and Surge Holdings, Inc. have entered into an agreement to provide streaming movies, TV, and more to an unlimited number of SurgePhone wireless subscribers. Lookhu is tailored-made for cord-cutters who want more for less, and Surge resonates with that same audience. Bringing these two disruptors together brings the power back to the people. As the number of no-contract wireless customers pushes towards 100,000,000 subscribers, providing enhanced services at affordable pricing will help Lookhu and Surge gain nationwide market share.

Our Traction

Look Who loves us?


- Ed Windfield, investor

Lookhu has the potential to be a billion dollar company. It's a unique product with disruptive patented technology and it has the opportunity to scale really fast.


- Ray J, creator

Byron Booker at Lookhu is working closely with me on putting together the operations for this new OTT. All the business we've done in the past has always been great, very professional and successful. I'm looking forward to a positive future with Lookhu.


- Shannon Briggs, creator

Champ TV is coming to Lookhu. Champ TV is the premium destination to find the best in combat sports docs, movies, TV series and live events.


- Bryan Cox, Surge Holdings, Inc. partner

We have preinstalled Lookhu on 20,000 SurgePhones for the launch and expect tp expand quickly. This partnership with Lookhu is consistent with the types of life enhancing technology products and services we will provide our customers.

Investment Inquiries


More About Lookhu

The Team

Byron Booker: CEO Byron, founder of Loohku has been a music executive for the past 15 years having facilitated recording and publishing deals with Sony and universal music while producing live streaming events, movies and albums for top named talent.
Byron Booker
Roy Liebrecht: VPO Roy, co-founder of Lookhu Inc., previously worked at Playboy where he was the Senior Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs and responsible for all of Playboy TV and Playboy.com’s global entertainment.
Roy Liebrecht
Michael Moore is a certified public accountant located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Michael Moore is a CPA directory verified CPA, licensed to practice in the state of Nevada. He maintains the highest standard ethics as an accountant.
Michael Moore
Youssef is a leader in social media marketing ad has worked with the biggest names in the industry. With a proven track record of delivering massive result for major bands. Youssef has help Bang Energy & Faze Clan reach over a Billion value.
Youssef Ali
Cowan co-founded IEG in 1995 with Graham King, with seed capital of only $350,000 and no tangible assets; Cowan was able to secure a $25 million line of credit with Chase Bank to fund overhead, development.
Cindy Cowan
Barry is an IT development expert that manages a team of design, web, and coding programmers. Barry has a Master from Colorado State University in information technology and manages a team of over 80 developers responsible for creating over 300 mobile apps.
Barry Johnson
Joe has been working with the CEO over 10 years managing teams and working directly with clients for music sync licensing to distribution. Running front and back-end operations on the all company platforms.
Joe Conte
Joey, our Head of Marketing, specializes in digital marketing that integrates inventory, data, technology and brainpower to capture and manage the most profitable audiences.
Joey Winshman
Steve is an attorney registered with New York State, Unified Court System, Office of Court Administration, admitted in 1982. The current status is Currently registered. Morse is Lookhu’s SEC attorney and has worked with the CEO for over 15 years.
Steve Morse


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